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LEAFLET NEWSLETTER 1 NEWSLETTER 2 NEWSLETTER 3 Re CCI Rethinking Cultural & Creative Industries The “Rethinking Cultural & Creative Industries” project will be an accelerator in the transmission of new knowledge and the acquisition of digital and business skills for workers in the creative and cultural sectors. Its purpose is to be an example of good practice in culture in relation to the effective and immediate response to crises and transitions in an era identified with the rapid speed of change in all aspects of human activity. Its aim is to function as a hub of education, networking, and empowerment of cultural activity in line with the modern professional and expressive needs of the creators, the goals of the European Union but also the global cultural, social and economic conditions and requirements. 1 Competency Framework for CCIs in the 21st-century post-pandemic scenario The main objective of the Project Result 1 (PR1) is to list the key competencies creative and cultural operators should possess in order to be able to structure or re-structure their organizations or projects in a more resilient, sustainable and structured way, thus reacting to the post-pandemic scenario but also proposing themselves as actors of change in their […]