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MISSION DEVELOPMENT CENTER ARAD Arad Development Center is a nongovernmental and regional coverage Association. CDA aims To support the development of the region by organizing promotional activities, consultancy, education, services and events, access and implementation of projects with grant funding, local cooperation, regional or European territory

Why ARAD DEVELOPMENT CENTER? Arad will enjoy a new resource center and community service. By Arad DEVELOPMENT CENTRE by attracting European funding Arad city will benefit from increased regionalization process.

What can do ARAD DEVELOPMENT CENTER? Transition into a new phase of regional development and strategy ‘Europe 2020-CITIES, Companies, Innovation “of the European Union, Arad – the city and region needs repositioning investment and economic growth through green investments, oriented new technologies new intelligent as innovative. A resource center – can provide human resource development and awareness of the benefits of the Europeanization of the region.

ARAD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, through the expertise of its members, provide both local and regional authorities and associations and foundations support studies, research, advice and partnerships

Directions of activity Development directions aimed:

• specific activities for promoting the development of Arad and region • implementation of the so called “silver economy”, i.e. valuing human resources – expertise, value and expertise accumulated over the years

• training, counseling and reorientation of human resources through training courses and oriented new technologies in innovative areas

• the social economy and the environment by training