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The Arad Development Center is an active partner in the development of the community through the implementation of projects and the organization of events that facilitate collaboration and access to European funding. We would like to inform you about our activities through the website of our association.

STRATAGAME transnational meeting in Catania

On 13 and 14 May 2019, the STRATAGAME project partners met in Catania during the second transnational meeting, organized by the Italian partner Medoro. The meeting was attended by 13 people representing the seven partners from Romania, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey. During the meeting, led by the representative of the Romanian leader CDA Oana Brinzan, the agenda of the meeting focused on communication and dissemination activities and, especially, on activities related to the first important product of the project, diagnosis of software skills, tested only by VET students and teachers from the countries participating in the project.

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Ongoing Projects


FIL - Finances In everyday Life

Project focused on the education and well-being of adults and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Strategic Partnership for the Development of Soft Skills through Gamification


Digital tools that apply to the development of knowledge for internationalization.

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