Arad Development Center Association identifies and promotes the public interest, builds partnerships, informs and educates, creates through our projects Open Educational Resources, organizes information and public awareness events for a future sustainable society.

About us

Arad Development Center is a non-governmental association, established based on decision no. 7901 by the Arad Court of Arad on 11/12/2013. The legal basis is Government Ordinance 26/2000 on associations and foundationsi.

The association aims to support the development of the region by organizing promotional activities, consulting, education, services and events, access to funding and implementation of projects with grants, local cooperation, regional or European territorial level.

What we are doing

Accessing and implementing projects financed by national and EU grants

Conferences, workshops, brokerage events, B2B meetings, information days

Training, retraining, reorientation Consulting and technology transfer

Active partner in the evaluation and implementation of local and regional development strategies

Our experience

The Arad Development Center, through its founding members, has a rich and important experience in projects implemented for over 20 years. I was an active presence in the Joint Commission between Romania, Bavaria, Romania, Hungary and its members

  • Association TII Luxemburg (Transfer Tehnologic)
  • CENTREX (fairs/ exhibitionsi)
  • Enterprise Europe Network (SME's )
  • Cordis
  • EACI (European Agency for Innovation and Competitiveness)
We have experience in accessing grants, as a leader or as a partner in projects funded by European Commission funds, Government of Romania, FP7, CIP - Competitiveness and Innovation, Leonardo da Vinci, EASME program, South East Europe Cooperation Program in Southern Europe East, European Territorial Cooperation - Romania / Hungary - CBC HU / RO, Jean Monnet, POS-DRU.

The members of the associations have extensive experience in the field of innovation and technology transfer, a good relationship with academia and research, continuing education (FP7, ACE Phare, HURO Phare, NATO research program, INTERREG III A HU-RO, EUCEN - DGSANCO, IMPACT- POS CCE / CDI, LEONARDO-LMP, LLP, SEE program, Erasmus +)

Our purpose

The Arad Development Center is working to move to a new phase of regional development and the strategy "Europe 2020 - cities, companies, innovation" of the European Union, strengthens the economic growth of the city of Arad - through green investments, new technologies, innovation. As the most important advantage of each region is the people, the CDA pays special attention to the development of human resources. The Resource Center contributes to the development of citizens' skills and competences and to raising awareness of the benefits of EU benefits for the region and its citizens.

367/5000 The association offers training, counseling and reorientation of human resources through various training, retraining and reorientation courses. Training varies from group to group, may be related to the innovative economy or the development of basic skills and competences if needed. CDA supports the idea of the social economy and the environment through training.

The association is an active partner in the evaluation, development and implementation of local and regional development strategies, the transfer of know-how to economic partnerships in sustainable projects that focus on the exploitation of renewable resources, social responsibility and the development of a cultural attraction in the region..

We do not unite states, we unite people

Jean Monnet (1888 – 1979) - The architect of the European Unity