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The project is aimed at both adult educators, especially those working in non-formal education settings, adult education centers, social centers, NGOs, and students from disadvantaged groups, including people with low skills and lower qualifications. What a FAKE NEWS is ? Listen  HERE !   IMEDIAL Workbook (download) IMEDIAL – Google PLAY (ANDROID) IMEDIAL – App STORE (iOS)   MULTIPLIER EVENT , ARAD, SEPTEMBER, 2022 ( SOURCE- CRITIC ARAD NEWSPAPER) (PHOTO- CRITIC ARAD)  NEWSLETTER 1 LEAFLET NEWSLETTER 2 ARTICLE NEWSLETTER 3 LTTA MATERA / 2002           (HEAR ONLY IN ROMANIAN !) Reportaj 25.02.2022 (reporter I. SUCIU) AUDIENTĂ GENERALĂ Radio România Actualități   Reportaj 07.03.2022 (reporter I. SUCIU) REPORTERII ACTUALITATII  Radio România Actualități  

FIL – Finances In everyday Life

FIL – Finances In everyday Life The project is addressed to students, teachers, adult trainers, social centers, volunteer organizations, etc. Focuses on the education and well-being of adults and people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including people living in remote areas, the unemployed, the elderly, people with a low level of education, immigrants.   Comunicat de presa 1 Newsletter 1 Article Newsletter 3 Newsletter 4


Digital tools that apply to the development of knowledge for internationalization. The IN_DIGIT2EU project aims to provide support for the development of skills in the field of internationalization of SMEs and low-skilled adults, providing an integration tool that, on the one hand, assesses the availability for internationalization and, on the other hand, allows access to a path. to improve vocational training tailored to the personalized needs not only of SMEs, but especially within organizations working with SMEs and human resources. It includes an integrated audit tool, self-assessment, to test availability for internationalization. It also includes a training course and additional resources, delivered entirely online, to support the development of skills to implement internationalization plans in companies. Brosura Comunicat de presa Comunicat de presa 2 Newsletter Newsletter 2 Newsletter 3


Interactive toolkit for improving basic and key adult skills The project is aimed at low-skilled adults. These groups of adults can be considered as not being well assisted in many areas of life just because, in order to fully participate in today’s world, it is necessary to be able to use and understand the information that is provided through the Internet. The lack of sufficient digital skills seriously limits the possibilities, in general, and the possibilities to learn, in particular. Deficiencies in core and key competences could be eliminated if appropriate methods and tools are used, but the problem is that unskilled adults cannot benefit from more existing non-formal tools for developing their skills because they do not even know about their existence. or they are unable to find or use them. Therefore, the Project addresses people with reduced skills and gives them tools (along with clear instructions on how to use them), and that will help them find other tools and learn about them and through them. Brosura Newsletter Ianuarie 2017 Newsletter Mai 2017 Newsletter Martie 2018 Newsletter Septembrie 2018


Online game for innovation and entrepreneurship EntrInnO is an EU-funded project to address the need to optimize the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe. It will enhance the skills of young EU citizens, who are a crucial population in a progressive, entrepreneurial and market- and society-based economy. To meet this goal, an interactive online game is being developed, which is accessible online and offline, as well as adaptable in different contexts. Comunicat de presa nr. 1 Comunicat de presa nr. 2 Newsletter nr. 2 Newsletter nr. 3 Newsletter nr. 4 Newsletter nr. 5


Stopping the spread of invasive plant species in the Lunca Mureşului Natural Park The objectives of the SESIL project 1. Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the negative effects on agro-forestry ecosystems and habitats of community interest generated by the spread of invasive plant species in the Lunca Mureşului Natural Park 2. Rehabilitation of some agro-ecosystems in the Lunca Mureşului Natural Park affected by the worrying spread of invasive plant species, especially Amorpha fruticosa 3. Public awareness of the negative effects generated by the spread of invasive plant species and the practice of intensive agriculture, to the detriment of sustainable Comunicat de presa nr. 1 Comunicat de presa nr. 2

RO-Boost SMEs

Boosting Smart and Inovation-Driven Growth for Romanian SMEs 224/5000 The Ro-Boost SMEs project – “Boosting Smart and Innovation-Driven Growth for Romanian SMEs” is funded by the European Commission through the COSME Program – COS-WP2014-2-1. The main objectives of the program are: improving access to finance for SMEs; facilitating SMEs’ access to the European and international market; promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. Agenda Bioeco Brokerage event